Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Girl Du`jour (Pt.10)

Days have passed from the moment 3abdullah was admitted into the hospital, Amna still quite devastated. Each and every minute, of every 24 hours Amna grew closer and closer to 5aled, in the vicinity of deep affection. She would call him every night and overturn her emotions to him. 5aled made it seem like he didn't mind, he convinced her he was always there for her.

"5aled, lazem aroo7 Landan after a couple of days .." Amna remarked, "Bajee wyach!" 5aled realiated.
"Bs 7beeby, we're going there because of 3abdullah. My friends might come, bs I'm not gonna' go to have fun .. I'm only going to be there for 3abood." The word "7beeby" falling out of Amna's mouth repeated in 5aled's head, he loved it.
"Maly 5i9, I'm coming weather you like it or not, etha your friends beroo7oon laish ana magdar ajee?" "I didn't say you couldn't come, bs I'm just saying I'm not going to London to have fun with friends .. A9lan the girls were planning on going to London with me this break mn before." Amna explained. "Ahaa, okay anyways, I was planning on going too .."
"Haha, okay. I'll see you there then!" Amna snickered. "Inshallah," He replied.

It was a Wednsday, and Amna was to leave Do7a the coming Saturday. She stayed home for the whole week completely avoiding anything to do with college. Her parents didn't mind, after all she was going through a difficult juncture dealing with 3abdullah's accident. After visiting her dearest brother 3abdullah, Amna headed home still using his Porsche as fast as she could trying to get home before Al Dana and Noor got there. She arrived just in time, parked near the main enterance and watched the beam of car lights draw closer to the rear of her car. Al Dana parked her BMW right next to Amna's Cayenne, and then stepped out Al Dana and Noor. Amna welcomed them with her warm, tender hug and kissed each one on the side of their cheeks, this time leaving no lipstick stain because she wasn't wearing any make-up. The girls felt the uneasiness of Amna's dialogue. She was obviously still upset, and had the girls over for comfort. They struggled opening the solid, burdensome front door to her massive entrance with walls decorated with stupefying paintings and bouquets of colorful flowers, like something straight out of the Sistine Chapel. They strolled up the marble steps of Amna's staircase leading to her room, each of them relaxed, disparated from one another.

Amna remained patient for 5aled to call, or atleast even message if that wasn't too much to ask for. Of course, Al Dana had already told Noor about Amna and 5aled, so it wasn't anything suprising if he had called and they started flirting. Noor didn't mind anyways, she was too busy with her own relationship(s). She was an amazing friend, but not so amazing if you were trying to find the role model to the perfect couple. Noor and her partner(s) were never the ideal couple. Noor was extremely attractive, and attracted to men. Her full, paunchy figure, round face somehow managed to make other guys attracted to her too. It always seemed like she was running in circles between one guy to the other. Her love-life was certainly complicated, to the point where no one really knew what kind of love-life she had, or even if she had one. It was all a silly game ..

Time past quickly, and 5aled still didn't even care to call Amna. She guessed he was in the majlas and would be too busy to talk to her, regardless, she called him. It rang till it couldn't ring anymore, by now Amna was pissed. She decided to call her riding coach and tell him she wouldn't be able to attend her lesson on Saturday because of her brother's condition, and because that was the day she was to board the flight to London. As much as she wanted to go riding to forget about the pain she was feeling for the past two days, she still had to cancel in order to make it to England.

Later the girls fell asleep, but Amna lay awake waiting for 5aled. Hopeless, she opened up the lid to her Macbook Pro and checked her facebook. Flooded with notifications and friend requests, she assumed people were writing on her wall saying sorry for 3abdullah's accident. Friend requests, from strangers who wanted to add her 'cause she was simply "Amna", "THE Amna". She ignored all pathetic requests and closed down her laptop. She wrapped herself with her paisley, blue and white quilt and grabbed "Twilight" from off her bedside table. Amna opened to the page marked with the red bookmark. After reading about 20 pages of her favourite novel her phone buzzed on and off, she assumed it was 5aled. She was right.

"Ello?" Amna picked up the phone, her voice filled with frustration. "Halla 7abeebti, sha5barech?"
"Mmm not so good, where were you this whole time?" She asked in curiousity. "Umm, uh .. wallah kint ga3d fil majlas," He stuttered on his words. Amna noticed the tension in his voice.
"If calling was going to be such a waste of your time, a message only takes two seconds you know?" "Amna, I'm sorry, wallah I am. Bs when I'm with the guys I don't like calling you because iz3aj!"
"You could've messaged, that's what I'm trying to say," "I'm sorry .." 5aled apologized. "Whatever," She remarked still incensed by 5aled's behaviour. "Amna please mb wagta you be mad, get over it. It's not the end of the world!" 5aled's attitude grew stronger with each word."I didn't say or act like it was the end of the world. You know my condition right now, you not calling me or even texting really doesn't help. And remember, you're my boyfriend, am I right?" Amna took a deep breath, "Well can't a guy sit with his friends and have fun for a bit?" "Yeah you can, bs '7abeebtek' really needs you right now while she's still greiving about the fact her brother hasn't woken up in two days .."
"Amoon, I'm not bothered for this. Basakr," He sighed, fumed from Amna's approach. "Okay then, bubye. One last thing, don't call me Amoon, the name's Amna." She shot back in a vengeful tone. 5aled quickly hung up trying to forget Amna's last remark.

Amna planted a frown on her face. Her friends woke up and reminded her she was leaving this Saturday and she had to start packing. She slowly opened the door to her walk-in-closet, walked over to the rack of jeans. She picked out 3 of her favourite pairs, that were already folded neatly into place. Amna called over Sisa to bring out the largest Louis Vuitton suitcase from out the storage, she placed the massive, stiff box on the medium hight table. She rested her jeans at the edge, and strolled back to her cuboard and picked out most-liked shirts, from Ralph Lauren polos to her formal Mulberry shirts. She packed her beige Burberry coat with black lining and coal black buttons, deliberating on London's chilly weather. She opened her shoe closet, finding a rainbow of shoes and colours. Different styles and different heights. Amna gave up trying to decide which pairs of shoes to take, and how many pairs she should take. It would probably take her the whole day considering her obsession with shoes. Her friends admired her closet and the amount of clothes she had, while Amna picked out her preferred, metallic silver, Chanel classic and her signature, deep purple Balenciaga with gold studs. Amna still wasn't finished, no where close. She grew tired from bending down and picking up her shoes, folding her T-shirts and placing her goods neatly in her suitcase. She left the colossal suitcase aside and fell right on her bed. She was exhausted. Still quite agitated by the lack of respect shown by 5aled earlier that day. She closed her eyes for just a minute, and her friends had woken her up to tell her they were leaving. She walked them downstairs and out the door, seeing A7med her cousin take Al Dana by the hand and guide her to her Beamer, while Noor remained on the phone talking to one of her lovers. Amna thanked them for coming and told them that she would call them tomorrow.

While walking back to her room, her blackberry vibrated and 5aled was calling. Amna hesitated to answer, but what the heck, why not answer and let it all out so he would feel guilty?

"What do you want?" Amna answered in arrant rudeness. "A5eeran you answered, this time can you talk to me like a normal human being rather than giving me attitude?"
"Me, attitude?" She coughed, "Ee!"
"Damn, you are such an asshole .."